Perks of Luxury


A lot of people strive to become rich and wealthy. They want to live in the lap of luxury and be elevated in society’s social status. There are so many paths that people can take to attain this goal. From career industry to job positions, an even luck (ex. winning the lottery), anybody can become rich in any niche – you just need to figure out how.

Why do people want to become rich? Simple. Everybody wants the latest and greatest products, the biggest house and yard, the nicest location, the best vacations, etc. All of these things are possible just by having a lot of money. Let’s run through a few perks of living the luxurious life:

  • Being able to afford the best health care and service
  • Beautiful house, yard, pool, amenities, appliances, landscape, etc.
  • Ability to vacation to some of the most gorgeous and remote areas (ex. the Caribbean, unknown islands, expensive skiing vacations)
  • Driving the most high-end cars (ex. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lexus)
  • What’s better than DRIVING nice cars? Being driven IN nice cars. With a limo service or car service you elevate your status by more.
  • Boats, jetskis, and water mobiles
  • Beach Houses/Lake Houses
  • Sports Season Tickets

These are just some example of perks of being wealthy. The real perks come in the form of security though. Being wealthy means you do not have to worry about payments, struggles, and deadlines. It means that you know you’ll be able to take care of whatever costs or penalties that may come your way without dooming yourself.

Young wealthy individuals tend to be more focused on the flashy part of being rich. They want the fancy cars, expensive accessories, and big vacations. They want to show their wealth and success and have fun spending their money. I don’t blame them. if you’ve earned your keep, then you may as well spend it in the way you want. However, they have to be smart with investments and make ensure there’s always more money left over than being spent.

Older wealthy people are more likely to have families and other responsibilities to take care of. They’re more focused on portfolio’s and retirement funds, as well as insurance and family funds. As you get older you definitely have more responsibilities and more to take care of, so it is smart to always have your mind an money focused on security.

Overall, the best balance i stop have fun while maintaining a stable account. You want to be able to spend money when needed without having to always spend money. This allows you to go to sleep each night knowing that you are security financially and can have some fun at anytime, any where, without digging a hole for yourself.

As a hopeful billionaire (who isn’t), I am already planning what cars I want, where I want to live, and what kind of things I want in life. However, the smart thing to do is to figure out how to keep growing my wealth securely and guaranteed. Multiple streams of income an multiple fallbacks just in case would provide with the best security and soundness. Until then, let’s work tirelessly on getting to that point!

Money Making in the Winter

The Winter is a prime time for making money. Most of the nation encounters at least a little bit of snow throughout the winter, which is all you need to start making money. Here’s how:


The first and foremost idea is shoveling snow. Depending on size of properties, you can charge $50 to clear out a driveway and walkway. That’s righteous bucks right there! It is a lot of manual labor and is arduous, but the profits definitely add up. The key to this is to string along a series of snowstorms. When the first one hits, go door-to-door and find customers who are in need of your shoveling and snow removal service. Start with moderate fees and do a good job. This is crucial in establishing a good client base. Alert them when the job is done an make sure to collect payment. Hopefully there is another storm in the near future, because once it hits, go back to the houses you worked at during the first storm. I you did a good enough job and don’t charge too much, it is almost guarantee that they will re-hire you for this next job. Continue with the same quality of work this time. At the end of the job, get clients’ contact numbers so that when future storm shit you can be in touch with them easily and set up multiple jobs for payment. This also gives a more professional sense off, which is respected by potential clients.

Backyard Terrain Park

This one is just as fun for you as it can be profitable. If you ski or snowboard and get a good amount of snow, try making a backyard terrain park to hit jumps, ride rails, and jib on! You can be as creative as you want and come up with any obstacles that you can make. The entrepreneurial part of this comes in charging people a small fee to use your park. At first they may be turned off at the sound of “fee” but once they see how cool the park is, they won’t mind paying a *small* fare. Especially if there is no other nearby area that has a good hill or terrain park potential. I would definitely pay five bucks if somebody made a sweet drop-in setup leading to ramps and rails. Not only would this be profitable, but you get to use your rad park! Now you can perfect that backside 360 that you’ve been hoping to work on at the park on the nearest mountain.

The winter is filled with opportunities to make money. The fact that it is cold is enough for some people to see opportunities for profit. Some people are just lazy and don’t want to fight off the cold weather, and will pay you to run errands for them and such. Just keep your eyes and ears alert for any profitable opportunities that you may come across this winter. Things like errand running and now removal are definitely popular options that are always in demand. Work hard and do a nice job and you will build a good client base. Soon enough, the money will be rolling in faster than the snow itself.

Book Concept Part 1

Ok I decided to write this post while waiting for the pool repair man. so here goes.

This blog is about a book concept my sister and I came up with. Please note that we did a lot of research on Japan, in order to come up with these ideas and concept. We are still tossing around ideas for the actual title of the trilogy (which I am sure we will come up with eventually). We have also made it where these races we have created could be used in a Pathfinder and/or D&D campaign.

Oni and Kami

The long-lived Oni and Kami are the children of the natural world and find comfort in the flora and fauna of their homes, existing as the nearly immortal voices and guardians of the wilderness. Oni and kami seek to live in balance with the wild and understand it better than most other begins. Some of this understanding is mystical, but an equal part comes from the Oni and Kami long lifespans, which in turn gives them long-ranging outlooks. Oni and Kami can expect to remain active in the same locale for centuries. By necessity, they must learn to maintain sustainable lifestyles, and this is most easily done when they work with nature, rather than attempting to bend it to their will. However, their links to nature are not entirely driven by pragmatism. Oni and Kami’ bodies slowly change over time, taking on a physical representation of their mental and spiritual states, and those who dwell in a region for a long period of time find themselves physically adapting to match their surroundings, most noticeably taking on coloration that reflects the local environment.

Oni and Kami value their privacy and traditions, and while they are often slow to make friends at both the personal and national levels, once an outsider is accepted as a comrade, the resulting alliances can last for generations. Oni and Kami take great joy in forging alliances with races that share or exceed their long lifetimes, and often work to befriend dragons and outsiders, as well as other fey.

Oni and Kami General Information

General Society: Many Oni and Kami feel a bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Although, like most, Oni and Kami prefer bountiful lands where resources are plentiful, when driven to live in harsher climates, they work hard to protect and shepherd the region’s bounty, and learn how to maximize the benefit they receive from what little can be harvested.

Oni and Kami have an innate gift for craftsmanship and artistry, especially when working in wood, pottery, bone, forging, ivory, weaving and leather. The Oni and Kami also have a very high regard for the arts, martial prowess and elaborate ceremonies such as the tea ceremony. It is not unheard of for the Oni and Kami to throw elaborate festivals that display their love of these things. A lot of the metal smiths in the Oni and Kami culture end up becoming great sword makers and are sought for their skills by others. Other oni and kami are highly sought after for their abilities to heal great calamities with herbs and other natural substances.

Oni and Kami also have an appreciation and love for the written word, magic, obscure knowledge and painstaking research. Their naturally keen minds and senses, combined with their inborn patience, make them particularly suited be coming wizards, sorcerers, clerics and alchemists. Arcane and herbal research and accomplishment are seen as both practical goals, in line with being a soldier or architect, and artistic endeavors as great as poetry or sculpture.

Females: Females are thought of as the mothers of the nation. They are taught the tea ceremony, various other art forms, diplomacy and healing. A few are taught how to fight, but this is frowned upon unless one shows an aptitude for the “Acquisition” part of the great libraries.

Males: Males are thought of as the Fathers of the nation. They are taught about military matters, various forms of fighting, as well as various smith (weapon and armor forging) and negotiations techniques. It is a great honor among males to be picked for either a position in the elite guards for either the shogun or the emperor/empress and for the “Acquisition” part of the great libraries.

Note: Either males or females could also be selected for either the research department or the archives department of the great libraries

Relations: Oni and Kami have a very good relations with each other thanks to centuries of intermingling. Where they use to be two different societies they are now one great society with laws and strictures from both previous societies. They do not mind outsiders in their lands during festival times as long as the visitors treat their lands and people with respect. They are kind of snobbish when it comes to knowledge and learning, but respect other nations learning processes.

Alignment and Religion: Oni and Kami can be any alignment and follow just about any of the Gods, although hurting others for religious practices is heavily frowned upon. They also take their word and sense of honor very seriously.

Adventurers: Oni and Kami rarely leave their own lands except when investigating rumors of Tomes or other things related to knowledge that they can add to their vast libraries, although this is usually left to the “Acquisitionist” of the great libraries. When this is called for they will pair up with other adventures usually as clerics, wizards, sorcerers, monks, alchemists or occasionally as ninjas and samurai. They will also leave on what is called their “Tsūkō-ken”, this is when they are allowed to leave their lands for the first time and experience the outside world. This is only supposed to last for about one year and is usually lead by a teacher who takes on a team of three students’. During this time the teacher would evaluate the students to see if they would be allowed to study with an “Acquisitionist” from the great libraries.