Money Making in the Winter

The Winter is a prime time for making money. Most of the nation encounters at least a little bit of snow throughout the winter, which is all you need to start making money. Here’s how:


The first and foremost idea is shoveling snow. Depending on size of properties, you can charge $50 to clear out a driveway and walkway. That’s righteous bucks right there! It is a lot of manual labor and is arduous, but the profits definitely add up. The key to this is to string along a series of snowstorms. When the first one hits, go door-to-door and find customers who are in need of your shoveling and snow removal service. Start with moderate fees and do a good job. This is crucial in establishing a good client base. Alert them when the job is done an make sure to collect payment. Hopefully there is another storm in the near future, because once it hits, go back to the houses you worked at during the first storm. I you did a good enough job and don’t charge too much, it is almost guarantee that they will re-hire you for this next job. Continue with the same quality of work this time. At the end of the job, get clients’ contact numbers so that when future storm shit you can be in touch with them easily and set up multiple jobs for payment. This also gives a more professional sense off, which is respected by potential clients.

Backyard Terrain Park

This one is just as fun for you as it can be profitable. If you ski or snowboard and get a good amount of snow, try making a backyard terrain park to hit jumps, ride rails, and jib on! You can be as creative as you want and come up with any obstacles that you can make. The entrepreneurial part of this comes in charging people a small fee to use your park. At first they may be turned off at the sound of “fee” but once they see how cool the park is, they won’t mind paying a *small* fare. Especially if there is no other nearby area that has a good hill or terrain park potential. I would definitely pay five bucks if somebody made a sweet drop-in setup leading to ramps and rails. Not only would this be profitable, but you get to use your rad park! Now you can perfect that backside 360 that you’ve been hoping to work on at the park on the nearest mountain.

The winter is filled with opportunities to make money. The fact that it is cold is enough for some people to see opportunities for profit. Some people are just lazy and don’t want to fight off the cold weather, and will pay you to run errands for them and such. Just keep your eyes and ears alert for any profitable opportunities that you may come across this winter. Things like errand running and now removal are definitely popular options that are always in demand. Work hard and do a nice job and you will build a good client base. Soon enough, the money will be rolling in faster than the snow itself.

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