Turning Points in Life


Everybody has those moments in life – ones where everything turns. For some, the turning point comes with a new job or career or accomplishment, while others it comes with a lesson learned or newfound wisdom. Some turning points build upon a a good streak, while others come out of bad situations.

Some of the most inspiring turning points are this that come out of bad situations. You here it all the time. Drugs addicts, criminals, or depressed individuals suddenly have an epiphany and change their ways. They improve themselves and positively change their inner workings. This is remarkable and respectable. They see the good that has to be done and the harm that may be happening now. The good outweighs the bad and they change things up. Step by step they become more involved in the community, begin giving back, and get their lives on better tracks.

Something as big and significant as an epiphany like this can come form the simplest things, too, even just by zoning out while looking at you Garage Door. Some of these turning points go sour. Someone may be going down a good path, and everything seems fine. But some situations in life change things, and they may go downhill. They may fall of the path and onto a different, more harmful or slow one. They may fall from grace and get involved in some things that they never would have seen themselves in in their entire lives.

The aforementioned issue is more common in teenagers – such as high schoolers and college students) than adults. At a tender teenage age, kids become involved in drugs and illegal activities to try to fit in with certain groups. They either do it for that reason or because they feel like they need more excitement in there lives. Excitement comes with the journey of growing up, but some of these things they engage in should be left untouched.

Once on this path, there are two possibilities. People can either recognize their wrongdoings and realize that they need to get back on the right track. This is optimal since it will hopefully allow them to cut out whatever the harmful practices were and become their old selves again. The other option is that they won’t recognize the mistake being made, and will continue down the wrong path. This is especially dangerous, since each extra step on this path becomes more and more harmful and to a greater extent. Eventually, these can lead to things as serious as prison and great punishments.

Life is a game of choices, and hopefully good ones come your way. Everybody has a turning point in their life – whether voluntary or forced. Some people are lucky enough to have multiple turning points. Hopefully, your life is better off after the changing point(s) in your life, as this would be most beneficial. Unfortunately, however, not everybody has classic happy ending story. It’s sad to see some go sour and end up in worse places after major changes, but it does happen and is evident in the world. Just have to hope for the best and work with the hand you are dealt.

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